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‘Ethiopia believes its ties with EU should be based on mutual interest, equality’

Ethiopia believes its ties with the European Union ought to be based on the principles of mutual interest and equality, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) has said.

Ethiopia and EU have already jointly embarked working on the "strategic engagement" signed on July last year aimed at transforming the longstanding relations to a much comprehensive, reinforced and structured tie, MoFA recalled in press release Thursday.

However, EU's resolution on Ethiopia Thursday, which called for the immediate release on bail and dropping of all charges against Dr. Merera Gudina, was not fair and appropriate, MoFA said. The press release wouldn't do more than undermining the constitutional system of the country, it added.

According to MoFA, the release of the resolution at this crucial time when the Government of Ethiopia iwas aggressively working to fill the already identified gaps between the public and government institutions wouldn't do-good to the mounting spirit of cooperation between Ethiopia and EU.

Such remarks made on suspects who are in jail and whose cases are being taken care by the law of the land lack an obvious understanding of the judicial system and procedure of the country, the statement said.

Ethiopia will continue to do its level best towards ensuring an upward spiral and mutually beneficial relationship with the European Union built on the principles of equality and measured remarks based on realities on the ground, it said.



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