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Leaked national exam force Agency to void more than 400 students’ results

Cheatings, trespassing of other exam laws in the last year’s leaked and postponed Grade 12 national exam has been forced the cancellation of more than 400 students results, Sheger FM reported.

There have been a widespread problems from the preparation to distribution of national exams last year, according to the National Educational Assessment and Examination Agency.

Cheating and violation of national exam laws have been practicing for long, the Agency announced yesterday. Unexpectedly, last year exam has been leaked masterminded by “activists” outside Ethiopia.

Repeated cheatings on exams is making Ethiopian students less competitive globally, according to the Agency.

Based on the study, which has been conducted by the Agency, 7 percent of supervisors and 10 percent of Directors were directly participated on the violation of laws.

Last year, government blocked social media sites across the country after questions from end-of-year University exams were posted online in June 2016, sparking a national scandal.

The online leak of national of the exam papers and post which many have called an embarrassment for the government, forced the tests to be postponed.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Viber have been inaccessible in the Horn of Africa’s most populous country.

Ministry of Education initially denied claims of exam leakages running around social media and stated that they will proceed as per their schedule. However the ministry later said that it has confirmed the English paper code 12 has been leaked. And “after a cross check we have decided to terminate the whole exam since we had no evidence that the other exams were safe,” Shiferaw Shigute, the then Minister of Education, said .The ministry maintained that it has an alternative plan for the exams.

According to latest media reports, the Agency has budgeted over 300 million Birr for this year national exams and there would be a possibility of “blocking the social Medias if similar exam leaks are more likely to be happened”.


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